Accessories And Cables

Cables and accessories for hi-fi and home cinema. The connection is very important and in this section we offer a long list of brands and products with the best connectivity options. Analog and digital cables, video cables, for subwoofers, accessories, connectors, etc..

  • Speaker Cables

    Speaker cables made ​​in different lengths BANANAS and SPADE finishes.

  • Audio Cables

    Audio Cables made ​​in different lengths, finishes with XLR or RCA connectors, cables for subwoofers, manufactured in different lengths, finishes with XLR or RCA connectors. Digital audio cables made ​​in different lengths, finishes with XLR, RCA and BNC connectors.

  • Video Cables

    Video Cables made ​​in different lengths, HDMI, coaxial, component video.

  • Digital Cables

    To connect any device with a USB input / output to a computer, audio converters, APPLE devices, etc..

  • Ethernet Cables

    Cables made ​​with the highest levels of quality in CAT5, CAT6 and CAT7 standards, high transmission speed. LAN Cables designed for audio and video streaming and local networks.

  • Power Cables

    High-quality Power Cables, connect your electronic device securely to the mains. Finishes with different types of connectors.

  • Subwoofer cable

    Subwoofer cable. Cables designed specifically for the transmission of low frequencies.

  • Tonearm cables

    Tonearm cables. Phono cables are specifically designed for the correct transmission of the signal from the catridge.

  • AC Line Filters

    System Filtered mains for hi-fi and home cinema systems, surge protection, eliminates ground noise or poor insulation, stabilizes the oscillations of the electric grid, etc..

  • Power Distributor

    High performance power distributors, finished in 4, 6, 8 and 10 plugs.

  • Connectors

    Connectors for all cable, XLR, RCA, BNC, IEC, HDMI, BANANA, etc.

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