In this section Cinepremiumshop gives you the ability to find the component you need to create your own hi-fi or home cinema system.

All kinds of components for high-fidelity systems, stereo amplifiers, speakers, turntables, amplifiers stereo, CD / SACD, etc, on a wide selection of brands and products to suit your needs and budget.

  • Speakers

    In this section you will find all kinds of speakers for hi-fi and home cinema, floorstand, bookshelf, subwoofers, in ceiling and in wall speakers, outdoor with maritime certification, with THX certification.

  • Electronics

    Electronics for high fidelity and home cinema, stereo amplifiers, stereo power amplifiers and multichannel, stereo preamps, processors AV, AD / DA converters, etc, everything you need to set up your sound system.

  • Network Music Players

    Network music players, audio and video servers, storage systems content, etc..

  • Turntables

    Everything you need so you can choose an analog source quality, with all the accessories to complete your analog source. Turntables, arms, catridges moving magnet and moving coil, phono preamps, cables, connectors, accessories.

  • Headphones

    All the possibilities of headphones, hi-fi and professional.

    Closed type, open, noise-canceling, wireless, on ear, in ear, headphone amplifiers, accessories, etc..

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